Scottish Government Opens Consultation On Healthier Eating In Schools

With recent news and community initiatives highlighting the severity of obesity in Scotland, new measures are being proposed by Scottish government to combat childhood obesity. The official consultation contains 5 questions, and hopes to amend regulations in schools to encourage healthier eating. With conflicting reactions to the consultation and its effectiveness, read more to find out what it contains and what the changes could look like if accepted.

What Is The Need?

Behind America, Scotland has been identified as the second most obese nation in the world. When you consider the difference in population and geographical size – this really is cause for concern. One in six boys and one in seven girls are classified as obese, and the government is dramatically trying to reduce these numbers. Health minister Aileen Campbell described the consultation as “bold measures, designed to help people to make healthier choices, empower personal change and show real leadership.”

The Economical Impact

Although in recent years attempts have been made to reduce obesity, the problem continues. The NHS statistics from 2017 showed that nearly a quarter of Scottish 5 year olds are at risk. Obesity has commonly been linked to Type 2 Diabetes, premature heart attacks and places a strain on the health service. It is hoped this consultation will boost the counter-obesity efforts and place more onus within schools and communities to enforce change.

The Big Questions

The consultation aims to gather public opinion prior to being reviewed and amended. The questions have been broken down into subsections, which discuss the proposed measures in detail. The topics include:

  • What are your views on our intention to amend the current school food and drink regulations to ensure children and young people can access more fruit and vegetables as part of their school day.
  • What are your views on our intention to amend the current school food and drink regulations to ensure the amount of sugar children and young people can access over the course of the school day is reduced.
  • What are your views on our intention to amend the school food and drink regulations to set a maximum for red and red processed meat in primary school lunches and for overall provision in secondary schools
  • What are your views on our intention to amend the school food and drink regulations to enable caterers to provide a service which better supports secondary age pupils to make balanced and nutritious food and drink choices as part of their school day.
  • Do you have anything else you wish to comment on in relation to the nutritional content of food and drink provided in local authority, and grant maintained, schools in Scotland via the School food and drink Regulations?

Is The Focus In Schools Misplaced?

With recent conversations across both Scotland and in the UK, it has been suggested that enforcing these changes alone will not be successful. Other external factors may play a larger role in the lifestyle and diet choices of Scotland’s younger generation. For example, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, recently discussed imposing a ban on readily available fast food outlets within proximity to schools.

Have Your Say

The consultation is due to close on the 29th August 2018, then responses will be collated. If you have any knowledge, thoughts or opinions on the new Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools proposed amendments, then submit your views via the website.

Cashless Catering and Obesity

The cashless catering system was originally created to reduce queue times and speed up meal services but has transformed into an intelligent management information system. The reporting functionality gives valuable insight and analysis on pupil purchasing behaviour and nutritional values within food. Using this data may be influential when schools are responding to the consultation.

To find out more about the consultation read the full official document or to learn more about CRB Cunninghams Cashless catering systems, call us on 0333 014 3065. We have been providing education software to Scottish schools for over 20 years working closely with Local Authorities offering cashless catering, biometrics recognition, identity management software, online payments and much more.

Another successful day at the 2018 Academies Show

Five of our team visited the London Academies show in the ExCeL, London to showcase some of our electronic cashless catering, online payment and identity management hardware and software. Developed and managed in-house, we are the one stop shop for education software solutions.

Meeting both new customers and existing CRB Cunninghams users, trade shows give us the chance to showcase our personal, expert and reliable approach. Getting hands on with a demo kit also highlights to our existing users what system capabilities they already have, which perhaps they don’t already know about!

It was interesting to find that so many of our customers are being exploited, paying third party providers for things we already have built in house – like online payments through iPayImpact for example.

If you are an existing cashless catering customer and are using a third-party payment provider, get in touch to save time, money and hassle – and you’ll also receive a free license for iPayImpact online payments.

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With a great stand location, close to the main keynote speaker stage, the day was a great opportunity to meet and greet. Surrounded by expert education providers in many different fields, including playground equipment, school signage and communication system, here is what some of our team thought of the day

“It was nice being able to see so many of our customers who use our products, and are genuinely happy with the value we provide”

Nicky Carter, Internal Sales

“It was a good day at the Academies Show – catching up with old acquaintances, and making new ones too – MATs are loving our Head Office Reporting, Central Management, and Online Payment modules.”

Russell Hawes, Head of Sales  

“The show was a success, with so many new and familiar faces. It was a great opportunity to network and reach out in the industry”

Damien Carter, Account ManagerDamien and Simon - Account Managers at the Academy Show

Three Common Myths of Biometric Recognition 

With so many schools adopting new cashless catering methods, the introduction of biometric recognition can be a mind field. Many concerns are raised when introducing these systems, so we’ve put together the top three common myths of biometric recognition and share the true benefits that our cashless catering systems provide over 2700 schools across the UK.  

1.Parents’ Consent Isn’t Obtained 

A common misperception is that parental consent is not valued or taken into consideration when schools implement cashless catering systems or biometric readers. This is not the case and as of 2012, in English law schools must ask for consent. Guidance states that when using cashless catering systems parents must be consulted and their wishes respected. All schools using our cashless catering system must comply with legal regulations, using opt-in forms which parents must sign before their child is enrolled.  

Cashless catering systems provide parents with additional benefits such as being able to top up and view their child’s transaction history remotely. Where parents place so much effort into providing their children with healthy nutritious meals at home, they often have no visibility over what foods their child regularly eats at school. This visibility contributes to encouraging a balanced diet. 

2. Children Get Used to High Tech Monitoring 

The fear of surveillance especially with children is sometimes wrongly associated with biometric recognition. With recent technological advancements, many devices now use fingerprint or retina recognition to store information. Our Cashless catering systems only store minimal data points and this information cannot lead to a fingerprint being reconstructed for fraudulent use.  

Educational software has recently been a hot topic in the news with major technology companies like Google and Apple striving to implement better learning solutions to increase classroom interactivity and development. Using the improvements that technology bring, schools can focus more on delivering high quality first class education to their pupils.  

Data is essential to any management body and schools are at the forefront of using measuring values to determine effectiveness. With lunch periods becoming difficult and potentially cumbersome in many schools, data collected through the cashless catering system can lead to quicker queue times, resulting in happier children. 

3. No Alternatives to Biometrics 

Whilst it is often assumed that there are no alternatives for pupils who choose not to participate in biometric readers – this is wrong. Both parents and pupils have the option to choose an alternative method of recognition and depending on the system this can include a contactless card or a PIN code unique to each pupil. These options are available to all pupils and parents using the cashless catering systems.  

The Benefits of Cashless Catering 

Biometric cashless catering systems provide huge benefit to the schools using them and have been known to dramatically reduce queue times, decrease staff resource and reduce food wastage. An Edinburgh Council spokesperson said, “The use of fingerprint recognition for school meals is beneficial for the pupils and catering staff as it’s easier to use, speeds up service at the till and takes away the risk of pupils losing their lunch payment cards”. CRB Cunninghams has been providing biometric recognition software to schools across the UK for over ten years, contributing to a more efficient meal service, reduced queues and happier children. 

CRB Cunninghams sponsored Inch by Inch wins National Award

Inch by Inch Website CRB Cunninghams Sponsored

CRB Cunninghams proudly sponsor the Inch by Inch for Scotland campaign, who have won the best Marketing Campaign Award at the Cost Sector Catering Awards in London. Promoting healthy living and exercise, we both share the common principle of empowering people to live healthier lifestyles and improving eating habits.

Inch by inch

An initiative created by Assist FM, Inch by Inch Scotland aims to tackle obesity in Scotland – one small step at a time. Inspiring people to cook simple, quick meals and increase exercise, the campaign is committed to promoting the benefits of healthy living, especially for the next generation. Proud supporters since 2017, we’re pleased to collaboratively support the Inch by Inch campaign alongside Muller and Assist FM.

Nationwide coverage

With over 30 engineers spread across the country, and 8 dedicated regional account managers, CRB Cunninghams have a truly nationwide coverage. Supporting over 2700 schools across the UK, we care about the environment, communities and industries we work within.

A shared vision

We care about the children of tomorrow. Our cashless catering system empowers schools to have increased visibility on their pupils eating habits and highlight areas for change. By partnering with charities and organisations like Inch by Inch who share the same ethos, we hope to reiterate and develop our culture further.

Find out more

To find out how you can get involved and support the initiative, visit the Inch by Inch website. If you are looking for cashless catering solutions to increase your schools efficiency and information – please contact us on 0333 014 3065 and we will be happy to discuss our products.

Join us at Stand 626 at the 2018 Academies Show

What will the day include?

The Academies show showcases speakers, governmental bodies and businesses, whilst giving Academies the opportunity to network, learn more about one another and experience the scale of the UK’s academies group.

Come see us on stand 626

Our team will be giving attendees live demonstrations using some of our most popular software solutions. Get hands-on with our Point of Sale systems and feel the difference CRB Cunninghams provides. Our featured products will be:

ID Store – Identity Management

ID Store makes it easy to manage your student details alongside your other solutions in one, easy-to-use platform. All secure and encrypted – we make it easy to view, store and amend your pupil’s data

Fusion – our Cashless Catering solution with Online Payments

If the lunch queues are progressively getting worse with every intake, don’t think twice about implementing a cashless catering solution. Our Point of sale software syncs automatically: letting catering staff identify, credit accounts and load dinner options on the till.

We give parents the flexibility to make payments to their child’s accounts, topping up on an internet connected device whenever or wherever they would like. No more chasing unpaid school meals or trip money, use our own in-house solution to manage payments.

ID Reg Electronic Registration

Make form classes even easier with electronic registrations. View our hardware and software systems on the day and ask whatever questions you think of – the experts are on hand to help! We will be using actual equipment, so no plastic toys or unrealistic screens.

See you on the day

You will find us at stand 626, and we’ll be more than happy to demonstrate our impressive new software and answer any questions you may have. If you’re an existing customer be sure to pop by and speak to your account managers. Serving so many schools around the UK, it is always nice to enjoy putting faces to names.

Academies show




Stand 626, The Academies Show 2018, 25th April, Excel, London, E16 1XL

Stephen Hawking

It brings us great sadness to learn of the recent passing of Stephen Hawking. Stephen was a worldwide renowned Osmologist and Physicist genius that majored in many complex subjects.

Stephen was known for his  computer-generated voice to millions of people around the world and was captivated as his trademark. The computer software, created by Intel, allowed Stephen to communicate through a computer by using an infrared sensor or webcam that detected facial movements. Even when technology grew and Intel were able to change the sound of the voice, Stephen declined.

As well as being the core of knowledge in theoretical physics, Stephen was a very charitable man and had great involvement in Children’s charities such as SOS Children’s Villages.

An incredible man who’s legacy will continue into the future.



WASBM 2018! Join CRB Cunninghams on the 16th March.

WASBM 2018
Worcestershire Association of School Business Management.

We are going to be at the Bank House Hotel, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JD on the 16th March 2018. We will be showcasing all of our latest innovative developments and our newest edition to Cashless Catering, Impact Fusion.

Our knowledgeable Account Managers, Nicky and Damon, will be running demonstrations on how Impact Fusion can maximise catering revenue, how iDReg makes recording attendance easier and how iPayImpact makes paying online; simple, quick and secure.

There are also some interesting topics up for discussion, such as; GDPR and the power of Social Media as a marketing tool.

We are excited to meet everybody attending and if you’d like to get in touch beforehand, you can. Simply call us on 0333 014 3064.
Register to attend here:

BETT Show 2018 – Come and meet us!

BETT is the event for transforming education.

 The home of new ideas, practices, technologies and we have plenty to show you;

ImpactFusion – Our new and improved cashless catering system

IDstore – The identity management platform that sits at the heart of our solutions

IPayimpact – Our very own online payment solution


Chat with our team – Demo our products – See how CRB Cunninghams can help you.

Stand E360, BETT Show 2018, 24-27 January, Excel, London, E16 1XL

LACA Main Event 2017

Between the dates of the 5th and 7th July, we exhibited our range of education solutions at the LACA Main Event, held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

Alongside our well-known products, sat our brand new Impact Fusion release. Our latest development to cashless catering was received well by all who experienced its functionality at the show.

We also ran our iDToken scheme alongside the lunch service, where hundreds of delegates experienced the efficiency of our brand new iDReader release.

We had lots of visitors to our stand and it was great to meet some prospective clients, and catch up with some familiar faces too!

A big thank you to those who took the time to visit our stand during the event and made the event an enjoyable one!

In Loving Memory

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Mr Cunningham, who founded ‘Cunningham Cash Registers Ltd’ in 1975, has passed away at the grand old age of 98 years old.

CRB Cunninghams would like to pass on our condolences to all friends and family of Mr Cunningham.